ATR Overview

Clients enter STR/ATR through this process

  • Individuals must be referred to an ATR Coordinator by an outside agency/organization within the recovery community.
  • The ATR Coordinator works with each individual to develop a Recovery Plan.
  • The ATR Coordinator helps the client choose the services that will be most helpful in client’s recovery and choose the providers of those services from amongst providers in the STR/ATR Provider Network. 
  • The ATR Coordinator authorizes the ATR vouchers.

To find an ATR Coordinator

Please call the Substance Abuse Helpline at 1-800-327-5050 or call these specific ATR Coordinators that are located in your area:

Greater Springfield:

  • Paul Alves - (413) 237-0049
  • Jackie Segarra - (617) 945-6403


Testimonials from actual ATR clients

The help with employment that you offer is great!

Thank you for helping me and providing me with the tools and information needed to get a job. Also thank you for taking your time out and speaking to me. I really appreciate all the phone calls. This program really works and I am more than grateful for this opportunity!

How does transportation help with my recovery?

  • I could not attend meetings of any kind if it wasn't for the bus pass I received from ATR. I live too far to walk. Now I can get to my AA meeting and keep sober! 
  • I need to take the bus because I come across too many temptations just wandering the streets. If I don’t get out of the house my mind wanders and I am tempted to use.
  • The bus pass helps me to leave my house and go somewhere so I can stay busy and keep my mind off using again.
  • I have to find a job! I need the bus pass to look for a job.

How did ATR help after I relapsed?

I am a 45 year old who had a productive life before my drug addiction took over. I had a college degree and successful employment but then I relapsed.   I went into a residential treatment program, and when I was soon to graduate, I came to ATR because I needed help to get back on my feet. ATR was great- it helped me in many ways: I received bus passes and some basic needs provisions, I secured a room in a sober living house, and I obtained employment. I am truly thankful for everything. It has made a big difference in my life.

     I Needed ATR to Help me get off the Streets

I am 58 years old and have spent much of my life incarcerated or living on the streets. When I decided I really needed to change my life, I went to ATR. ATR helped me to find sober housing and to get set up with basic housekeeping needs.

ATR Helped me to Get Ready for a Job

I had just completed a culinary arts training program and was desperately looking for a job. Finally I found one but they told me I needed to purchase special restaurant attire before I started work. I didn't have the money. ATR helped me to purchase the work clothes I needed so I could start my job and begin a new life!

How ATR Helped Me 

Today I am getting discharged from the ATR program. This program has helped me alot in many ways. When I started the program I didn't have a bed - ATR provided me with a bed. I also didn't have clothes for work - ATR provided me with two clothing vouchers.  This program is used differently by different clients;  I know it has definitely made a difference in my life! I am very grateful for what I received.  I am happy to be a positive person in the community. Thanks for everything.