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Employment Services
The Career Building Initiative (CBI) program is an ATR initiative that provides supportive employment services to participants during their 6-month enrollment period in the ATR program. A unique component of the CBI program is the Paths to Empowerment (P2E) program, which is a special job-readiness program specifically designed for ATR participants and crafted to address the common barriers to employment facing individuals in early recovery from substance use disorder. Helping participants prepare themselves for work often requires changes in schedule, habits, appearance, and demeanor. Getting a participant “job-ready” is sometimes the most important variable in job search success. P2E is a 2-week, 20-hour program which includes an introduction to employment and financial literacy, information on occupational outlooks, and practical support for securing key elements for a successful job search (e.g. resume, cover letter, references). P2E participants also engage in guided career exploration, rehearse common interview scenarios, and practice professional behaviors to prepare for the workplace.

P2E is currently offered at all four ATR locations: the MassHire Downtown Boston in Greater Boston, MassHire Greater New Bedford Career Center in New Bedford, MassHire Holyoke Career Center in Greater Springfield, and MassHire Worcester Career Center in Worcester.

After completing a job readiness program, such as P2E, participants have the ability to pursue a number of options, including job search, education, or specialized occupational training programs that have been incorporated into ATR. The occupational training focuses on fields that are typically more receptive to hiring people with criminal backgrounds. Examples include:
  • Food service/culinary arts
  • Commercial cleaning
  • Office skills
  • Computer skills
  • Construction services
  • Customer Service
ATR will pay for both the tuition costs for the job training program, as well as a Work-Study Benefit to the participant of $8/hour for every hour of attendance.

ATR and the CBI Program, along with one of our provider organizations Community Servings, were the subject of a Stateline article from PEW Charitable Trusts. You can view the published article in the HUFFINGTON POST, or download a version of the article.

CBI Program Results:

  • ATR has had more than 1,500 people go through CBI to date.

  • CBI participants were twice as likely to be employed or in school at 6-month follow-up compared with other ATR participants. 55% of CBI participants were employed or in school at 6-month follow up, a four-fold increase from date of intake.

  • 92% of participants reported feeling prepared to find a job in their area of interest at the end of their CBI training.

  • 84% of participants completed their CBI programs.

  • 55% of CBI participants were employed or in school at 6-month follow up, a four-fold increase from date of intake.