ATR Providers & Services

Employment Services
Helping participants prepare themselves for work often requires changes in schedule, habits, appearance, and demeanor. Getting a participant “job-ready” is sometimes the most important variable in job search success. Therefore ATR will help pay for these type of services as well as assisting individuals to prepare for, find, and obtain competitive employment, preparation of resumes, cover letters, and preparation for interviews. ATR will also help pay for addressing issues that can be barriers to employment, such as CORI’s.

The Career Building Initiative (CBI) program is an ATR initiative beginning in Grant Year 3 to provide supportive employment services to participants during their 6-month enrollment period in the ATR program. CBI programs lasted anywhere from 1-12 weeks. It is comprised of both basic job readiness classes and/or specialized occupational training.

ATR and the CBI Program, along with one of our provider organizations Community Servings, were the subject of a Stateline article from PEW Charitable Trusts. You can view the published article in the HUFFINGTON POST, or CLICK HERE to download a version of the article.