Payment of Services

This Payment of Services page only pertains to parties that are currently using, or will be using in the future, the electronic voucher management system known as WITS. These parties include:

  1. ATR Providers
  2. ATR Coordinators


All payments are processed via computer through an electronic Voucher Management System called WITS. WITS is a web-based infrastructure treatment system designed by a company called FEI and purchased by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health/Bureau of Substance Abuse Services in order to manage client involvement in ATR. 
  • Services are paid for by electronic vouchers
  • No paper vouchers or money ever changes hands
  • Vouchers are authorized for specific services and for a specific number of units of service
  • Vouchers are good for 30 days only
Providers doing business with AHP must submit their invoices (through WITS) to AHP on a weekly basis. Click this link for the official document on billing instructions.

WITS Training Information and How To Register:

Providers must be trained in the WITS Voucher Management System. Training is done via Webinars every Thursday,
1:00pm - 3:00pm (EST). 

The process to register for training is quite easy: just have the people you want to attend email Toni Pakus ( advising what date they would like. Anyone attending the Webinar will need a computer with secure internet access and a telephone. We recommend a phone with either speaker-phone capability or a headset purely for comfort of listening to the meeting or, if you have a headset for your computer, you can listen through your computer. If you have an office door you will want to close it so as not to disturb your co-workers.

WITS Training Materials: