Recovery Coaching Services for ATR Participants

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Access to Recovery provides Recovery Coaching services to our ATR Participants.

ATR does not provide Recovery Coach Training.
Please visit for more information on training which is provided by the Bureau of Substance Addiction Services (BSAS).

What is a Recovery Coach?

A Recovery Coach promotes the recovery of our ATR Participants by helping them learn to remove barriers and obstacles to recovery and serves as a personal guide and mentor for people seeking or already in recovery. A Recovery Coach links the recoveree to "indigenous communities of recovery and addresses complex co-occurring problems that inhibit successful recovery." 

A Recovery Coach encourages a participant's recovery by serving as an individual guide and mentor. This coach empowers the individual in their personal journey towards recovery offering hope; while providing advocacy, guidance, motivation and knowledge.

Reverend Eustace Payne discusses Recovery Coaching at Bethel ISJ


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