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ATR’s Career Building Initiative Featured in Huffington Post

ATR and the Career Building Initiative (CBI) program, along with one of our provider organizations, Community Servings, were the subject of a Stateline article from PEW Charitable Trusts, “Some States Using Federal Grant Money To Help People With Addictions Find A Path To Sobriety.”

At 52, Dajaun Alexander says he’s looking for a fresh start. He graduated from a cooking course here last week and has been chosen for a paid apprenticeship. His prospects for a full-time job after that are very good, his chef instructor said.

For Alexander, completing Community Servings’ 12-week course represents a rare achievement in a life punctuated by what he calls “bad decisions.” He is a recovering alcoholic with a history of incarcerations, broken relationships and spotty employment. Cooking, he said, “is my passion.”

It may also be his path to sobriety.

Read the full article in the Huffington Post.

Learn more about the CBI program on our Available Services page.