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What Participants Are Saying

"Prior to ATR I had an unstable life and had little going for myself. For a number of years I would get under--the-table jobs. Basically my life was stagnant. So one day I made the conscious decision to not only change my life, but to better my life.

I got a referral to the ATR (Access to Recovery) Program, which ultimately changed my life!
I told my ATR Coordinator that I wanted to get job training and she referred me to a CBI program. Not only did I receive the funding and was able to participate in that program, I got the skills and training I needed to work in an office setting. Also through YMCA Training, Inc. I had the privilege to participate in the first human services certificate program there.

I say this all to say that I'll be forever grateful to the ATR program."
YMCA Training, Inc. Graduate
ATR Participant
"I would like to thank ATR for giving me this opportunity to be involved with this program. It has enhanced my life greatly. It has prepared me to be job ready. I really appreciate the way the ATR program has inspired me. They have given me the willingness to do better for myself and to take all that this program has taught me and to use these same approaches in helping others.

With the education I have received here I can now teach my son that through hard work and education an addict like myself can a be valuable and productive person again."
Paths to Empowerment Graduate
ATR Participant
“I am sincerely grateful to you and ATR for allowing me to attend YMCA Training, Inc. I not only refreshed my computer skills, I was also able to earn college credits in human services. This opportunity gave me knowledge in the field of helping people, something I have always wanted to do but never thought I was going to be able to do. What ATR has done for me is make me realize that I can make a difference and what I have been through in my life can help others going through some of the same. Your organization has not only given me knowledge and training but also confidence and self-respect. Knowing that people believe in you and are willing to help make a huge difference. ATR has done so much for me and I hope it continues to be able to help others. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”
YMCA Training, Inc. Graduate
ATR Participant
“Thank you to the ATR staff. Your program is amazing! I’m so grateful for all the help. It enabled me to move forward with my life in many ways. May you continue your great work for years to come!”
ATR Graduate
ATR Participant
"One of our graduates has had an exceedingly tough road to recovery. She is proud of her story. She is employed and is back in contact with children who were removed from her care when she was using. She now has permanent housing and is raising her youngest son. She is a determined woman, so brave."
Community Servings Teacher
CBI Provider
“ATR helped me get clothes and get around. I had never written a resume or went on an interview before. I learned how to use computers, write resumes and cover letters, and how to be a professional and a citizen again. I have a whole new life; a whole new career thanks to this program!”
Paths to Empowerment Graduate
ATR Participant
"I had an ATR client come in to say hello and expressed his gratitude for ATR. He attended the YMCA Training, Inc. and completed the program. He got a job and is once again living with his wife and children. In his words, 'I was able to get my life back and would like to write a letter to thank the program.'"
ATR Coordinator
On behalf of an ATR Participant

Outcomes and Impacts

We follow our participants from intake through their six months in ATR, and assess them when they
complete the program to evaluate the impact the program has had on their lives.