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Am I Eligible?

If you can answer yes to all the questions below, you may be eligible for the ATR program.

Is this my first time participating in ATR? (If you have ever been through ATR in the past, you are not eligible to receive ATR services again.)

Am I at risk of developing an opioid use disorder? Do I have an opioid use disorder? Do I have a history of overdose?

Am I motivated to work on my recovery?

Am I in the early stages of recovery? (around 2 years or less)

Do I reside in Greater Boston, Greater Springfield, Worcester, or New Bedford, and do I plan to be there for the next 6 months?

Am I 18 years old or older?

Am I connected with a case manager (or some other staff person) in the recovery community? Preference is given to authorized referral portals.

Do I identify as being part of at least one of the following groups of people?

  • I have recently been released from incarceration.
  • I am currently a participant in a Massachusetts Drug Court.
  • I have served in the U.S. Military (regardless of discharge status).
  • I am a pregnant, postpartum or parenting woman with children under 18 living in the home with her.
  • I am part of a substance use treatment program (e.g., long-term residential treatment, medication-assisted treatment [MAT] program)

“ATR taught me how to be responsible by showing up at 9 am and that being on time impacts other people, not just myself.”

Available Services

You must be referred into the ATR program by someone in the recovery community; there are no self-referrals into ATR.