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Program Documents and Materials

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ATR Menu of Services (English)

The Menu of Services describes what is offered to participants over the 6-month ATR Program. What is offered includes: 1) Care coordination to develop and support an individualized recovery plan; 2) one-on-one recovery coaching; 3) funding to cover basic needs, such as clothing and hygiene products, obtaining a new state ID, etc.; and 4) the Career Building Initiative (CBI) to enhance job skills and employment options. 

ATR Menu of Services (Spanish)

El Menú de Servicios describe lo que se les ofrece a los participantes en los 6 meses del programa de ATR. Lo que se les ofrece incluye: 1) coordinación de cuidados para desarrollar y apoyar un plan de recuperación personalizado; 2) tutoría para recuperación individual (recovery coaching); 3) financiamiento para cubrir necesidades básicas, como ropa y productos higiénicos, obtener una tarjeta nueva de identificación del estado, etc.; y 4) la iniciativa del desarrollo profesional (Career Building Initiative, CBI) para mejorar las habilidades de trabajo y opciones de empleo. 

Career Building Initiative (CBI) Program Offerings

The Career Building Initiative (CBI) Program is designed to provide the support and training participants need to become more employable and to find a job. Click here for more descriptions of our programs offered in each city.

ATR Infographic

This infographic displays data on ATR services and spending over a 17-month period under funding from the federal State Targeted Response to the Opioid Epidemic (STR) grant by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). STR funding was provided to the Massachusetts Department of Public Health’s (DPH) Bureau of Substance Addiction Services (BSAS) from 2017-2019 for use in battling the opioid epidemic in the Commonwealth. 

ATR Participant Manual

This manual explains the rights and responsibilities of ATR participants. Each participant receives a printed copy after being enrolled in the program. 

ATR Participant Manual (Spanish)

Este manual explica los derechos y responsabilidades de los participantes de ATR. Cada participante recibe una copia en papel después de inscribirse en el programa.