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Become an ATR Provider

How to become an ATR provider

If you are interested in becoming an ATR provider, please contact Suzannah Kratz at She will explain how the ATR program works, how providers are paid for delivering the services, what the responsibilities are for the provider, and how to fill out the application to become an authorized provider by the Commonwealth of MA. She will give you individualized attention throughout the whole process to make to make it as easy as possible for you.

Listed below is the checklist of documents that need to be filled out to complete the application packet. You can certainly begin to fill them out, but a personalized conversation with Suzannah will insure that your organization’s specific requirements will be addressed in a customized fashion.

The ATR program prides itself on superb customer service, and this starts at the very beginning—at the time of application.

Complete, sign, and return the Provider Checklist, which lists all of the required documentation and steps to be taken to become part of the ATR Provider Network

For questions about the application process or any of the required documentation, please contact:

Suzannah Kratz, MEdATR Provider Support & Communications Manager