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ATR has a laser focus on education and employment

We developed the education and career readiness component of ATR because we know work is one of the best predictors of positive outcomes for people in recovery. To support our mission, we recruit job training providers who tailor their programs for people in with substance use disorders. ATR supports these providers through ongoing professional development related to working with individuals in recovery. We choose providers who train in occupations that are more receptive to hiring people with justice involvement.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have worked with many of our job training providers to transition their programs online. We are ensuring equitable access to these programs by providing ATR participants who enroll in them with a laptop and hotspot for the duration of the course.

Career Readiness and Vocational Training

P2E is a 3-week, 60-hour program which was co-developed with Massachusetts Career Centers (MassHire) and Advocates for Human Potential (AHP) to address the unique issues and barriers facing people with addiction issues. The program includes an introduction to employment and financial literacy, information on occupational outlooks, and practical support for developing key elements of a successful job search (e.g. resume, cover letter, references). P2E participants also engage in guided career exploration, rehearse common interview scenarios, and practice professional behaviors to prepare for the workplace.

P2E is currently offered in all of our ATR locations and is currently being held online:

After completing a job readiness program, such as P2E, participants can pursue a number of options, including beginning a job search, continuing their education (e.g. GED), or specialized occupational training programs that have been incorporated into ATR. The occupational training focuses on fields that are typically more receptive to hiring people with criminal backgrounds. See below for more information.

Examples include:

  • Food Service/Culinary Arts
  • Commercial Cleaning
  • Office Skills
  • Construction Services
  • Customer Service
  • Personal Fitness Instructor Training
  • Commercial Truck Driving
  • HVAC and Refrigeration

Education and Career Readiness Program Offerings

The education and career readiness component of ATR is designed to provide the support and training participants need to become more employable and to find a job. Click below to view our programs offered in each city.

ATR will pay for the tuition costs for the job training program and will also pay a Work-Study Benefit (WSB) to the participant of $10/hour for every hour of attendance.

CBI Program Results

More than 5,000 ATR participants have gone through CBI to date.

1 %
Job Readiness

The majority of participants who enrolled in CBI reported feeling prepared to find a job in their area of interest at the end of their training.

1 %
Program Completion

87% of ATR participants who enrolled in a CBI program completed their job readiness/job training program.

1 %

At their 6-month disenrollment assessment, 55% of ATR participants were employed or in school. That is a four-fold increase from the date of intake.