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ATR Newsletter Archive

Magic for ATR Participants

April, 2020  |  Newsletter

ATR introduced “ unlikely magic” into one young girl’s life recently. When ATR Coordinator Jackie’s phone rang after work hours, she was not expecting the eager greeting she received. “Hi!!! Can I please talk to Miss Jackie?” a little girl asked politely. . . .

ATR is Staying Connected with You

April, 2020  |  Newsletter

While the state grapples with this public health crisis, people in recovery from substance use disorders are amongst many who now have some additional challenges to overcome. ATR is doing everything possible to continue to support our ATR participants during this challenging time. . . .

We are excited to announce three new providers to our Career Building Initiative (CBI) Program

February, 2020  |  Newsletter

United Tractor Trailer School, Inc. (UTT) came onboard as a CBI provider in November 2019. Their four-week Class A Commercial Truck Driving course positions graduates to enter the lucrative and highly sought-after field of commercial transportation. UTT can train people who speak only Spanish. . . .

Sharing the impact of Access to Recovery (ATR) and our Career Building Initiative on the participants we serve!

October, 2019  |  Newsletter

The ATR program “meant everything” to Miguel. When he arrived at ATR, he says, “I really didn’t have any guidance or anything. The program really stepped up and gave me a hand.” Soon, he was learning about the job opportunities that would be open to him as he committed to making positive changes in his life.  . . .

ATR provides an income to participants who attend job training programs

May, 2019  |  Newsletter

Access to Recovery (ATR) provides work-study benefits to all participants who attend our Career Building Initiative (CBI) programs. This allows participants to receive an income while undergoing job training. . . .

Access to Recovery (ATR) in Massachusetts has an announcement!

April, 2019  |  Newsletter

Access to Recovery (ATR) in Massachusetts has an announcement! We are happy to report that the ATR website was just redesigned to have a new look and feel and greater ease of use. Next time you visit , you’ll see a fresh design, a simplified navigation structure, and refreshed content in every area of the website. . . .

A message from ATR Project Manager Rebecca Starr

February, 2019  |  Newsletter

Now in our 9th year, we have enrolled over 22,000 individuals and have provided millions of dollars in critical services to help them on their paths to recovery. Our ATR team members are relentless advocates dedicated to improving the quality of people’s lives and their sense of self-worth. . . .

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