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ATR Newsletter Archive

The Corner: Happy Holidays from ATR

Winter 2023

This holiday season, we are grateful for the committment of our partners and providers who make our work possible. This special edition of The Corner features two perspectives of the program cycle: ATR graduate, Christina, and her job trainer, HBI Boston Operations and Carpentry Instructor, Gray Wilder. 

The Corner: National Recovery Month and National Workforce Development Month

Fall 2023

September is our time to celebrate both National Recovery Month and National Workforce Development Month through our Working Recovery series. This year, we are highlighting digital skill building to support a recovery-ready workforce.

The Corner: Celebrate ATR Community Day

Summer 2023

This summer, we were joined by ATR partners, providers, participants, and more for the ATR Boston Partners Event. To honor this day and all who contribute to the work of ATR, June 16, 2023, was officially proclaimed ATR Community Day by the City of Boston.

The Corner: Fond Farewell to Rebecca Starr

Spring 2023

With the close of 2022 comes the close of one chapter within ATR, as Rebecca Starr transitions out of her role with the program. In this issue, help us welcome our new ATR Program Director, Brita Loftus and read Rebecca’s farewell message. We are thankful for Rebecca’s dedication to ATR these last 12 years, and we look forward to this new chapter for all!

The Corner: Holiday Recovery Toolkit

Winter 2022

In this season’s issue of The Corner, we feature an incredible participant and his success through the program, ATR Care Coordinator, Lizbeth, and her dedication to her work in the Springfield community, and a toolkit of resources and recommendations for individuals in recovery to support them through the holiday season.

The Corner: National Recovery Month

Fall 2022

The Corner, our quarterly newsletter where our efforts to support individuals in recovery intersect, is back with a Fall issue. September is National Recovery Month and in this issue we hope to spread awareness and education while celebrating those who embark on the brave journey of recovery.

Introducing: The Corner

Summer 2022

The new ATR newsletter is here. The Corner, where our efforts to support individuals in recovery intersect, is our new meeting place. Click below to read our first issue.

Access to Recovery (ATR) Honors National Recovery Month and National Workforce Development Month with Symposium and Other Resources!

In preparation for ATR’s national Symposium, Working Recovery,  learn more here about the link between employment and sustained addiction recovery.

Exploring Employment Challenges: Barriers to Employment for People Returning from Incarceration

Tom W. can’t help but be completely open when he talks about his past. He doesn’t shy away from speaking of the mistakes he’s made, challenges he’s faced, or the number of times he’s had to pull himself up and start over…

Hearing From Those We Serve.....

April 2021 |  Newsletter

It sounds counterintuitive, doesn’t it? You can’t keep it if you don’t give it away…
But not to ATR participant, Raymond. He credits his recovery, his family of support, even his luck to giving “it” away. Raymond is always extending a helping hand to someone else who is down on his luck or offering a bit of support to someone struggling.

2020 Our Journey

March 2021 |  Newsletter

In the midst of one of the largest public health crises in modern history, not only was ATR able to continue working with the participants we serve; we were able to create more resources, more programs, more job training opportunities and more support avenues than ever before….

Making ATR Accessible

October 2020  |  Newsletter

Beginning October 5, 2020, ATR officially began accepting new participant referrals once again. With a newly developed electronic referral process involving HIPPA-compliant electronic form submissions, we expect this process to be easier, especially for staff working from home at our referral organizations…

Magic for ATR Participants

Spring 2020  |  Newsletter

ATR introduced “ unlikely magic” into one young girl’s life recently. When ATR Coordinator Jackie’s phone rang after work hours, she was not expecting the eager greeting she received. “Hi!!! Can I please talk to Miss Jackie?” a little girl asked politely. . . .

ATR is Staying Connected with You

April, 2020  |  Newsletter

While the state grapples with this public health crisis, people in recovery from substance use disorders are amongst many who now have some additional challenges to overcome. ATR is doing everything possible to continue to support our ATR participants during this challenging time. . . .

We are excited to announce three new providers to our Career Building Initiative (CBI) Program

February, 2020  |  Newsletter

United Tractor Trailer School, Inc. (UTT) came onboard as a CBI provider in November 2019. Their four-week Class A Commercial Truck Driving course positions graduates to enter the lucrative and highly sought-after field of commercial transportation. UTT can train people who speak only Spanish. . . .

Sharing the impact of Access to Recovery (ATR) and our Career Building Initiative on the participants we serve!

October, 2019  |  Newsletter

The ATR program “meant everything” to Miguel. When he arrived at ATR, he says, “I really didn’t have any guidance or anything. The program really stepped up and gave me a hand.” Soon, he was learning about the job opportunities that would be open to him as he committed to making positive changes in his life.  . . .

ATR provides an income to participants who attend job training programs

May, 2019  |  Newsletter

Access to Recovery (ATR) provides work-study benefits to all participants who attend our Career Building Initiative (CBI) programs. This allows participants to receive an income while undergoing job training. . . .

Access to Recovery (ATR) in Massachusetts has an announcement!

April, 2019  |  Newsletter

Access to Recovery (ATR) in Massachusetts has an announcement! We are happy to report that the ATR website was just redesigned to have a new look and feel and greater ease of use. Next time you visit , you’ll see a fresh design, a simplified navigation structure, and refreshed content in every area of the website. . . .

A message from ATR Project Manager Rebecca Starr

February, 2019  |  Newsletter

Now in our 9th year, we have enrolled over 22,000 individuals and have provided millions of dollars in critical services to help them on their paths to recovery. Our ATR team members are relentless advocates dedicated to improving the quality of people’s lives and their sense of self-worth. . . .