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Our provider network

Help us strengthen the recovery system of care across Massachusetts.

The ATR Provider Network is built of 30+ organizations that deliver a range of recovery support services to our ATR participants. In each of our service areas, ATR providers offer services designed to enhance an individual’s ability to live and work in the community while they focus on their recovery. All ATR providers are authorized by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ Department of Public Health/Bureau of Substance Addiction Services (DPH/BSAS).

Our current ATR Provider Network offers services such as:

While our current providers offer these services, we welcome other partners and opportunities outside of these areas. If your organization offers support services to the recovery community, we invite you to consider becoming part of the ATR Provider Network. Our providers are helping transform the lives of ATR participants, supporting each step on their road to recovery.

If you are interested in joining the ATR Provider Network, please contact the following:

New to the ATR Provider Network?

Click here for all necessary documentation to complete your application.

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ATR Care Coordination

Career Services

New Bedford Providers

Career Services


Paths to Empowerment (P2E)

Worcester Providers

Career Services

Paths to Empowerment (P2E)

Recovery Coaching

*Indicates free programming resource that ATR partners with, but has not gone through BSAS authorization.