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Individualized support for individualized relationships

Recovery is a process of change through which individuals improve their health and wellness, live a self-directed life, and strive to reach their full potential. In any time of change, we all need someone to lean on when we have to make difficult choices, ask questions, or rebuild relationships.

ATR Recovery Coaches provide extra peer support and guidance to ATR participants that need it. Recovery Coaches are often in long term recovery, able to offer valuable guidance, sharing their own recovery experience and walking alongside others as they navigate early recovery. They help participants build skills, address specific needs, and improve their social connectedness. They assist participants as they make lifestyle shifts that will improve their quality of life, because they understand the difficulty our participants face in recovery.

While Recovery Coaches are not clinicians (like a counselor or therapist), they become an important member of an individual’s recovery support network. ATR Recovery Coaches are trained through the Recovery Coach Academy and are supervised by an approved agency in the ATR Provider Network.

"It's always been about helping people. The Gavin Foundation is where I went for treatment and 5 years later, I'm working for them. It's full circle. I wouldn't go anywhere; I love what I do. It's more than the pay. Seeing participants get back to their families? It's amazing, for both me and the participant."
Ryan Whitcomb
ATR Recovery Coach, Gavin Foundation