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atr care coordination

Individualized support for individualized recovery

ATR is a participant-driven program, meaning that there is no one way for an individual to advance in their recovery. Recovery is a highly individualized process, so the way we support our participants on their recovery path forward is also suited to an individual’s needs. ATR Care Coordinators remain at the heart of our work with individuals in recovery.

In each of our service areas, ATR Care Coordinators work one-on-one with our participants to assess their needs, guide them as they design their recovery path forward, connect them to resources in the community, and provide them with support throughout their time in the program.

“My favorite part is enlightening individuals of the possibility of what their life could be...When I give suggestions on our services to show what their life could be in the future, they light up. We give them basic needs...and they become so ambitious about life. Once they have these basic tools, they’re more hopeful for a better future than they were when they first came into our office.”
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Ashley Richards
Lowell ATR Care Coordinator

ATR Care Coordinators

ATR Care Coordinators take care of the behind-the-scenes process to support the success of every ATR participant. While they act as a point of access for all ATR services and more, ATR Care Coordinators ultimately provide direct support, encouragement, and care to each individual.