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Who Refers To ATR

ATR is not a self- referral program – only Authorized Portals within the designated recovery community areas can refer to ATR.


If you are in need of help and not yet connected to recovery supports, please contact the MA Substance Use Helpline toll free (800-327-5050) to get connected to a treatment and recovery service provider in your area.  

We are currently only accepting electronic referrals from a set list of providers/programs from within each city ATR operates (Boston, Worcester, Springfield/Holyoke, Lowell and New Bedford), so we are only processing referrals from the Authorized Referral Portals within each city.  We understand that there is greater demand than ATR can service at the current time, yet unfortunately we are unable to add any new referral portals at this time.    

If you still have questions as to whether you are authorized to refer to the ATR program, please contact listing your name, the name of your program and the location of your program.  

Follow these steps to refer an individual to ATR


Each authorized referral portal should have a point person in charge of submitting all ATR referrals from your program. If you’d like to make changes to who your program’s point person is or update your contact information, please contact the ATR Coordination office you work with.


Fill out all of the information on the ATR Referral Form. Our referral form is password protected, and only Authorized Referral Portals have access to make a referral. If you are authorized and in need of the password to make a referral, please contact the ATR Coordination office you work with, or contact

    • Be sure to upload any requested documentation along with the referral form, such as a recent psych-social assessment.  Please also enter a valid SSN when completing the ATR Referral Form.  Lack of a valid SSN can cause delays or an inability to process a referral.  
    • Each referral portal is assigned an ATR Coordination office to work with. Be sure to select the correct office you wish to refer to on the referral form. If you have any questions about which ATR office you should refer to, contact


The ATR Coordination office will contact the participant to discuss the next steps for an intake appointment.

Please note, to protect participant confidentiality, ATR does not allow emails with identifying information.

The following considerations should be made when making a referral to ATR

  • Individual is committed to his/her recovery and wants to make a change in their life.
  • Individual wants to take advantage of a variety of recovery support services to help them live a more independent and healthier lifestyle.
  • Individual has been involved with your program for at least 30-60 days and has stayed engaged with your program.
  • Individual is planning on staying engaged with your program for the 6-months they are in the ATR program.

How to refer an active ATR Participant for Sober Home services

To refer an ATR participant for sober home assistance and placement, authorized portals should complete this referral form and upload any required documentation. Our referral form is password protected, and only Authorized Referral Portals have access to make a referral.

A Coordinator will reach out to you or the participant to schedule an intake appointment.

Additional information on this service can be found HERE.


The following considerations should be made when making a Sober Home referral to ATR

  • Individual must be currently enrolled in an ATR program and meet one of the three eligibility criteria.
  • Individual is not eligible if already living in a sober home at the time of referral.
  • Our sober home service is not an emergency housing service.  It can take time to schedule an intake appointment and find an available MASH Certified Sober Home for the participant, so please make the referral early enough to allow time for processing.